USB Power Control Metal Case


Sometimes you need to switch on/off an AC load with a simple RS232 command. The market is full of WiFi based power control, but what if this is overkill? What if WiFi is not available, but a local microcontroller is? When our customer requested this part we found the easiest solution was to modify an existing remote relay controlled outlet to accept commands from a real RS232 com port over a USB Connection.  Shows up in windows, linux, or MAC as a virtual com port.


  • Upon application of utility power the device will energize the socket and turn the switch LED RED to indicate power is ON
  • Power may be toggled by pressing the local power button. The LED will go off when power is OFF
  • Power may also be turned on or off by sending RS232 commands through the DB9 port at 115200 BPS, N81
    • ON => Turns the socket on
    • OFF => Turns the socket off
    • ? => returns current status, ON or OFF
  • Specifications

    • Max Load: 10A / 2200 W
    • Serial Connectivity: USB Virtual COM Port, RS232 @ 115200N81
    • Firmware Upgrade: Via serial port
    • Also available with a DB9 serial port.
    • Hardware/Firmware customizations available upon request.
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