Open Source Projects We Use

Let us help you use our hardware with these projects.

Home Assistant:

Home Assistant's moto is "Awaken Your Home" and is the easiest way to match the and exceed the level of automation found in multi-mullion dollar homes and businesses for a fraction of the cost.  The power of Home Assistant is  truly unmatched.  Home Assistant supports turn key automations to full complete custom with ease. 

Most of our products integrate with Home Assistant out of the box and of course we are here to help by pre-wiring or flashing firmware as needed to make your life easier.  We'll even design a complete automation system for you from scratch if needed.  Just contact us for help.


ESPHome can work standalone or along with home assistant to easily integrate ESP8266 or ESP32 wireless sensors and applications into  your automation project.  The easy to use YAML templates will let you completely define a custom configuration with just a few lines of configuration.  For all our ESP8266/ESP32 products we are happy to pre-wire/flash as well as help you define the template you need for your specific application.

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