Our company

LiebTech LLC has operated irblaster.info since 2004 as the premier site for low cost and easy to use infrared products including infrared repeaters and microcontroller based infrared projects.  As the home and commercial automation markets started to grow and more and more customers started to ask us for custom developments we realized that we need a new site that could showcase our full line of solutions.  EZMATION.com was designed as a one stop shop for all of your automation needs.  Our line includes:

  • All of the infrared products from irblaster.info
  • Our custom home automation products designed to work with commercial off the shelf, open source (i.e., Home Assistant), and full DIY automation systems
  • popular automation solutions from top third party suppliers

Our Difference

  • We fully support all products we sell.  We're happy to help you with any pre or post purchase needs including helping you identify what products are required to make your idea a reality or helping you debug your custom setup.
  • You shouldn't need to have a soldering iron or 3D printer to get the automation system you want.  Nor should you have to "hack" your products. They should come the way you need them to come.  We can customize any product hardware or firmware for you or kit any number of products on our website. 

Company Objectives

  • We want to make it easier for people to obtain the necessary hardware required to run open source home automation or commercial automation systems.
  • We want to make it faster to obtain the necessary hardware.  You shouldn't have to wait 30-60 days for an overseas shipment to complete your automation project.  All of our US shipments are sent first class for < 1 lb and priority mail for < 1 lb.
  • We want to use the power of open source to keep pricing competitive. 
  • We want to help people realize their own unique automation ideas as well as bring those new ideas to larger audiences.