Current / Voltage Meter with Cover Plate


This kit includes 2 of our 50-500V AC / 0-100A voltage / current monitors and a metal cover plate which mounts them to a 4" x 4" metal handy box.  


We use this panel along with a generator-interlock kit.  The monitor is placed on the double-pole 220V breaker (one monitor per leg) feed coming from the generator.  When there is a power failure we implement the following procedure:

- Turn off all sub-circuit breakers

- Turn off the main breaker

- Connect the generator to the outside twist lock connector which feeds the generator interlocked circuit.

- Move the interlock such that the main breaker is held off and the generator circuit can be turned on

- start turning on sub-circuits, while watching this current/voltage monitor to make sure the generator is not being overloaded.  This also helps you find what products take very little current and which take a ton of current (Surprise: the fan in the gas furnace only takes a few amps while that coffee maker is drawing over 10A)

Also great for monitoring your whole house power feeds.

Note: A deep handy-box or box extension is recommended for easy wiring.  

Our retail cover is metal, but you could 3D print your own plastic cover.  STL Files are attached.
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